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Learn Advertising Excel in Marketing

Welcome to a new world of advertising and modern business communication. In this course, our Co-Instructor Sajith Ms will introduce a pack of quintessential topics about the basic details of modern advertising techniques and strategies of marketing communication process.

Basics of AD-Message & Product Classification

Hi,in this course , I have included a complete basic ideas of advertising and it comprises message content ,Different types of appeals that is rational emotional and moral appeals in a message content, which will be a great advantage for multimedia students and of course the marketing persons. I also have lectures about message format, message source , product quality v/s advertising , product classification ,product life cycle, Revival of a product life cycle and advertising of a new product … This course will be a blessing for Entrepreneurs, business persons and corporate executives .it is also quintessential reference for MBA and Marketing students, and multimedia persons.

Marketing & Advertising Courses Bundle

Welcome to this course Marketing & Advertising Courses Bundle To this Bundle course , you get life have access to, a) Learn Advertising through Real Life Cases b) Basics of AD-Message & Product Classification This course is structured in self paced learning style. Use your head sets for effective listening. See you inside the course